Hello, Friend.

Matus Telgarsky

mjt at illinois dot edu

2016 - (!). Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UIUC.
Spring 2017. Research Fellow, Simons-Berkeley Institute.
2014 - 2016. Postdoc in EECS, University of Michigan. Host: Jake Abernethy.
2013 - 2014. Consulting Researcher at MSR NYC. Host: John Langford.
2013 - 2014. Postdoc in Statistics, Rutgers University. Host: Tong Zhang.
2007 - 2013. PhD in Computer Science, UCSD. Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta.
2004 - 2007. BS in Computer Science & Discrete Math, CMU.
2001 - 2003. Diploma in Violin Performance, Juilliard. Teacher: Joel Smirnoff.

Selected papers
Please see arXiv for recent papers.
(A website update is coming, I promise!...)

Machine Learning theory: Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016.

I used to play the violin;
I coded a screensaver, a 3-d plotting tool, and a few other things if you know where to look;
my desk is always messy;
I like scifi books, pencils, ramen, and aphex twin.