Matus Telgarsky.

Hello, Friend.

My name is Matus Telgarsky;
I study mathematical aspects of deep learning.
(Here’s an old picture.)
I am currently on leave at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Selected work (see also arXiv and google scholar).

I am also actively writing lecture notes on deep learning theory (new version, old version). My other interests include clustering, unsupervised learning, interpretability, and reinforcement learning.


  1. Deep learning theory (CS 540 CS 598 DLT): fall 2022, fall 2021, fall 2020, fall 2019.
    Deep learning theory lecture notes: new version, old version.

  2. Machine learning (CS 446): spring 2022, spring 2021, spring 2019, spring 2018.
    Some course materials.

  3. Machine learning theory (CS 598 TEL): fall 2018, fall 2017, fall 2016.